Luca's Back and Forth Translation on Lingq, Please

Hi All,

Let me start by saying that I think lingq is incredible. Really one of the best softwares there are for learning languages. One feature I think that would be really useful, is a way to do back and forth translations as recommended by Luca Lampariello (amazing polyglot). This not a new idea, but the advice is basically to translate, sentence by sentence, from the target language into your native language, and then after a couple of days or so translate it back. You can then compare your back translations with the original text for any grammatical errors etc.

I’ve been using this technique by turning on the sentence view on the Lingq app for ipad, and then handwriting the translations, however, i think it would be really useful if I could type this into the software. Kind of like a home made duolingo, except using realistic sentences instead of “your aunt’s squirrel sleeps in cheese” or whatever random sentences they have over at duolingo (which i still enjoyed and found useful).

And on that note, can we please get sentence view on the website? I found it really useful, my brain seems to get less overwhelmed.

Anyone else think that’s good idea?

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Sounds like an excellent idea. I have yet to try Luca’s method, mainly because of laziness.

I don’t believe it’s essential, and I know Steve usually argues for spending more time just receiving input than going through “study” methods, but I must admit it does help me to create more output in the language in a more controlled way, because I’m aiming for something that already exists, rather than try to create before I have the ability to create. The same reason I prefer to read aloud or listen and repeat when I begin to speak rather than trying to come up with new sentences.

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I believe it must work because translation is a stage you have to go through before you completely internalize the structures of the language. You’re just doing it purposefully and in writing instead of doing it inside your head while you’re trying to formulate phrases in the middle of a conversation.

Regarding sentence view, this is something we plan to add to the site as well. It’s much easier to do on the app, so we implemented it there first :slight_smile:

I really like the idea of translating from your native language and to your target language. It allows you to practice word order, grammar, and all that fun stuff. I know some people on this site say grammar doesn’t matter just yet, and that it will “come naturally”, but I don’t see it that way. I like to understand why I am putting words in a certain order and when to do so etc. Translating into your target language, in my opinion, would be a great way to get the hang of this.