Luca Lampariello Translation Method

I have seen some good videos by this guy, and he gave some good tips about what to use for languages from a beginner to advanced level. Then he mentioned something about “Now I go to my own bilingual translation method…” or something to that effect. He then said he has a course on it.
Is anyone familiar with this? Is it basically translating texts from l2 to other l2? I have started using l2s as my “learning language” but usually only word to word. Has anyone gone far with translating L2 to L2 and what were the results?

I believe he sells courses that teach this, but my understanding is that he recommends this for beginner to early intermediate, or for him the first few months learning a new language. It involves using bilingual texts translating short texts from the L2 → L1, and comparing your translation with the model. Then, I believe you wait a day or two, then come back and translate the other way, comparing again with the model, and noting the differences and the meaning they convey that you may have missed.

I’ve not tried it, though it is intriguing enough I might try it with a new language at some point.