Luca Lampariello - how to contact him?


I’m new to the language learning world and am currently learning Spanish and French at the same time, though focused mostly on French at the moment. It is great fun, but I am currently trying to see if I can find an online teacher.

I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to contact Luca Lampariello? I found a link on his blog and I submitted a message through that, but have yet to receive a reply. I have two reasons for contacting him:

  1. I would definitely love to ask him how much he charges for Skype lessons as I am interested in getting a French lesson with him to see his teaching style.

  2. I recently bought his “How to Master Any Language” masterclass, but it won’t let me create an account, so I basically spent money for nothing at the moment…so I want to ask him what is wrong and get some assistance.

If anyone has any information, please let me know! Thanks! I look forward to learning languages with all of you! I have a huge list that I hope to tackle someday! :slight_smile:

Luca is a reliable, though very busy person. Do send him another message via his website. I cannot imagine that you were charged for something that you cannot purchase. Have you checked your card statement to see whether the amount has, in fact, been deducted? Redirecting...

Sorry I wrote that in Spanish hahahha. I was saying that I told Luca and he gave me his personal email, I’ll give it to you privately on a private message on your wall.

Gracias Berta! Yo entendí el mensaje que escribió Usted! Acabo de enviar un e-mail a Luca.