Lowering my account

I cant lower my account…the system asks me to delete shared lessons but it doestn work…can anyone help me?

I suggest contacting tech support. When I was in a similar situation, my account got hung up and I kept getting “Oops!” messages that told me I had to upgrade before I could continue (even though I only had 1 LingQ and 3 lessons at the time.) Archiving the lessons didn’t resolve the problem, but tech support was able to help reset whatever was needed on the backend.

@jassefilho- please make sure you have deleted private lessons for both Spanish and English. If you want, I am able to do it for you manually through our system.

Can you do it for me?

@jassefilho - done! now you should be able to downgrade your account on the account page (https://www.lingq.com/accounts/account/)