Low quality on some Finnish and Swedish lessons

Edit: Some glaring errors in some Finnish and Swedish lessons

I have been a lingq member for almost three years now, for most part it has been a good experience. However, in the last two or three days I have noticed that some Finnish and Swedish lesson seems to have some errors here are two that I am aware of.

Suomen mestari 1. Kaapale 9. Lounaalla

Alex ja Jari syovat ja juttelevat Niinan kanssa

The word syovat is wrong it is supposed to be syövät (they are eating)

Suomen mestari 1. Kappale 2. Minkämaalainen sinä olet?

Hän saastaa raha when it is supposed to be säästää

I am a Swedish Finn (meaning that my mother tongue is Swedish), I went to a Swedish speaking school my point is that while my Finnish (at least written knowledge) is a little bit flawed I am still fluent. These sort of mistakes are the kinds of mistakes that I think one could expect form someone who is learning Finnish.

Moving on to Swedish so far I have only encountered one mistake but it is the most glaring one of all.

Taletiketten Fritid och nöjen

Daniel Radcliffe 12 år låg i badkaret när hans pappa Alan talade om em som fått rollen som Harry Potter

the “em som fått” makes no sense what so ever down below is a how I belive the sentence is supposed to read and the translation in English.

Daniel Radcliff låg i badkaret när hans pappa Alan talade om rollen han hade fått som Harry Potter.

Daniel Radcliff 12 years old lay in the bathtub when his dad told him about the role he had gotten as Harry Potter.

On the requirements for new beta languages there is a following passage “Only courses with high audio quality and matching text along with quality images and descriptions will be accepted”. I don’t see why text with grammatically correct structure (Swedish) should be any different and with the Finnish examples it is a case of mismatch of text and audio.

It makes me wonder exactly who has uploaded the Suomen mestari and Talettiketen courses. Of course everybody makes mistakes sometimes but the mistakes that I have reported in this post are mistakes that don’t seems to stem from lack of attention.

Are non-native speakers able to post lessons without scrutiny?

For me it is not a that big of a problem chiefly because I don’t study Swedish and Finnish since I am already proficient in them and I use almost exclusively imported material.

I am sorry to take so long to see this. Would it be possible to give you the “editor pencil” and ask you to make the corrections, since you are confident of what the correct version should be. The other option is to contact the provider.

“Would it be possible to give you the “editor pencil” and ask you to make the corrections” sure I am up for it.