Lots of questions for Japanese and LingQ

As I have a lot of questions, I’d prefer to just put them all in one post. In your answer please put the same number as the question(s) you are answering.

  1. How to add audio from Netflix. I cam get the words in from Netflix but the audio never appears with it.

  2. Ai splitting not working. It just puts me on a loading screen forever. I waited 20 minutes and after that gave up. Additionally, I’d like to know from people more proficient in Japanese, how good is the word splitting with Ai?

  3. LingQs of the day not working. I tried to up my LinQs of the day from 25 to 200 but it said something like “Not enough LingQs” even though I think I have over 1000 now so I’m not really sure.

  4. Are there any up-to-date sites like animelon for anime? I’d like to learn with more from anime but theres so little available on animelon or anisub etc. I got crunchyroll, not knowing it didn’t have Japanese subtitles - apparently I can add this later on my own though thankfully but as there are tech issues right now it’s really just for immersion and fun.

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Hi Sheep, I can answer some of these

  1. You can download the audio from the Rooster Netflix menu. (Button next to audio dropdown). This downloads as .webm, you need to convert it to .mp3 to upload to LingQ. After its MP3 you can use the audio to transcribe or attach to the lesson via lesson editor.

  2. The LingQs of the day issue could be related to not having that many LingQs due for review.

  3. I’m Interested in this too

  1. Thank you but if this is something that requires payment I will have to pass.

  2. I checked my srs due and it says I have 1743 due

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