"Lost your streak?" emails—but I didn't!

Twice today, I’ve gotten emails that say “Lost your streak?” They came four hours apart, one saying that I’d lost a 22-day streak and one saying that I’d lost a 23-day streak.

I’m not that interested in streaks in any case, but since I’ve done quite a bit of LingQ work both yesterday and today, I thought I’d mention it so you can look into it.

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Sorry about that. Looks like there was an error in our email settings, but should be fixed now.

They motivate me to get up and check. LOL

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I’m still getting these emails :-\


I also still got one this morning that didn’t make any sense (they are always for Swedish if that helps).

Shelby is doing overtime :wink:

I got them as well…

It’s fixed for good now. Thanks for your patience everyone!