Lost Streak

Hi @zoran could you fix my 85 day streak please.

Sorry, but it’s not possible to fix it anymore. I can only fix it when there is a maximum of 1-day break, in your case your streak is inactive since October 3rd.

oh . ok

Hi zoran, Can you fix my streak, please ?

@Lawrencen Sure, fixed!

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I lost my streak even though my day is not over. I think mine resets mid day because that is when I first created my account. Is there a way to configure the end of day time? Can it be set to midnight of the user’s time zone?

You can change your time zone in the Profile section of the settings.

Thanks for the tip. Mine was set to UTC. I assumed the client side code on the website captured the user’s browser time zone when they signed up. That would be my suggestion to the devs. But dealing with time zones is painful, so I understand defaulting to UTC.

Lost my Streak the other day. Would you be able to fix it @

I would also like to reset my streak in Spanish. I‘ve read past midnight and so it reset. I read that I am supposed to get an email or something, but I have not gotten it - how can I reset my streak?

@nataliekoehn Sure, fixed.

@Esperal Sure, fixed.

Hi zoran,
Please help me to repair my streak, thank you.

What’s the point of faking your streaks, I wonder?

@benjaminloo Fixed.

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Hi Zoran again.
Please repair my streak.
Thank you!

@Lawrencen Your account shows that you had 2 days break and unfortunately I can’t fix your streak. I can only fix it when there is a maximum of 1-day break.

Well it’s happen again… I’ve lost my Spanish streak but I did it yesterday…. Is there a time zone setting that could be messed up on my phone!

I fixed your streak again. Sorry about that!