Lost streak

I completed my daily goal a couple of weeks ago but when I logged in the next day it said I had lost my streak. I got so demotivated by this that I haven’t logged in or used the app for a couple of weeks now. Can anything be done? I feel really demotivated after putting all that effort in.

Your streak isn’t active since April 25th. There’s nothing that can be done now, since streak can be fixed only where there is a one day break.

Don’t feel bad. The streak really does not mean anything, it’s just an artificial way of keeping you going. Just restart learning every day and watch a new streak grow.

Hi zoran, I took a flight on April 25th and I am reading posts on the forum that if you change time zone, it can unfairly reset the streak.

It was the streak that motivated me to use LingQ, as I had signed up for the streak challenges. I don’t see the point using the app to build a new streak if it can unfairly reset itself.

Hi zoran, since I fly quite regularly I think it’s easier if I cut my losses and cancel my LingQ membership. I don’t see the point in committing to LingQ if the main motivating feature doesn’t work properly

Your streak won’t just break by itself if you are travelling. Lot of our users are travelling and keeping their streak alive. In case you have a problem with streak again, let me know on the same day it happens and I’ll look into it and make sure it stays active.