Lost streak and can't repair

I was using LingQ and hadn’t realised it was midnight. I lost my streak and I moved a large amount of words to a higher level to pay for a streak repair as I thought i did not have enough coins to do so. This instead gave me a one day streak with no apparent way to revert it. Is there something that I can do to resolve this issue?

I fixed your Chinese streak. Enjoy!

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Hello! I have just come across the same problem:

Two hours ago, just after midnight, I was told I had lost my 49-day streak. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to repair my streak this time around or instead just use it as an excuse to take a break from Swedish. It is now only 2 hours later, and I have decided to repair it, but I can no longer see the “repair streak” button, since I have reached today’s coins target and accidently started a new 1-day streak.

Can my streak still be repaired? I’m certain I have the 5000 to hand for the repair as it gave me the option to do so without showing the “not enough coins” message as it has in some of the other languages I’ve been dabbling in. You can quite rightfully deduct them if you wish.

I have also been wondering - Is there a way to check my coin balance? Can they be used for anything else on LingQ?

Thanks in advance

@Jaxmay I fixed your streak. You can see your total coins earned on the Statistics page.
At the moment, coins are used for streak repair only.

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That’s great! Thanks for your help, Zoran