Lost my streak and can't repair

I lost my streak by 7 minutes because I was concentrating on the lesson and wasn’t paying attention to it getting so close to midnight here. I received the email from LingQ with the repair link, but when clicked it, it just took me to my profile page with no way to repair the streak. Can someone help me restore my streak? Thank you!!

I fixed it for you. Enjoy.

Awesome! Thank you so much!!

I had a similar problem, I was studying late last night on my phone and LingQ must have counted it towards today resulting in my streak being broken.

@seth_uj_herning I fixed your French streak.

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Hi! This morning I got a message saying I lost my streak, but I clearly remember completing my minimum 25 LingQs for the day and getting the pop up. The only difference was that yesterday I stopped as soon as I got the bare minimum (25) instead of going beyond and above. Can this be fixed?

@Polysemic I fixed your streak.