Lost my English streak even I did not take a day off

I did use LingQ for my English studies yesterday (6/28) and did not even have a day off, and I also have seen the notification that I’ve completed the task, but today(6/29) my streak has gone back to 1 only, is it possible to revive my old streak?
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A mod may see this and help but you can also email them at the support email and they’ll fix it. This has happened to me before as well. Good Luck and keep up the good work!

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@CloverLE2211 No problem, I fixed your streak.

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The same thing happened to me.

@Oshikuru I fixed your streak too.

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Much obliged!

For me to maintain my streak, I have to earn 200 coins each day, not just use LingQ. I don’t remember whether I set this goal, or whether it is the default number. Perhaps this is why you are losing your streak.

Hey, don’t know if that is a bug, but I think you have the same problem that I had before. The problem was that the timezone on my profile did not match mine, so maybe you can check that first to see if its match your country time zone, if that is not the case, then change it to your local timezone and that should align it to your real time.

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Hello to anyone who see this, this problem have been resolved.