Lost my 95 streak

Please fix my streak. I have no more coins to repair it

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I fixed your streak. :slight_smile:

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Thank you

Hi @zoran, is it possible to fix my streak? I left my phone in someone’s car and didn’t access the app until I got it back. Thank! :slight_smile:

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@jshanae Sure, fixed.

Hi Zoran please re-fix my streak. I forgot to enter the app before midnight :frowning:

@othmaneboumediane Fixed. :slight_smile:

You’re the best

Hey @zoran, my streak got reset because LinqQ somehow skipped over a day. It is 7:26pm/19:26 on 11/27 right now where I live in the United States, but LinqQ says today is 11/28. I didn’t change anything. Can you please fix my streak?

@btrainor I fixed your streak. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!