Lost Audio for individual words

Lesson story narratives audio work fine. But clicking on individual words or the Speaker Icons do not work at all. Same on mobile app in iPhone (iOS) and on iMac (MacOS Catalina). Same audio situation in both the Traditional Chinese and the German courses. All audio functions worked well until yesterday.

Did you maybe update your device to iOS 15?

Can you please open settings → reader → Voice and select a voice there, that should fix the problem.

Thanks for the very prompt reply. All updates for both my MacOS and iPhone iOS are current and running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 and iPhone’s iOS 15, respectively.

With regard to the iMac, per your suggestion, I opened Settings in LingQ > Reader > Text to Speech Accent, which option offers only one choice in the drop-down, which is as follows: “HuiHui (female)”. I did not see a Settings option which is denominated “Voice.” I did not see any setting to change pertaining to “Voice” aside from the “Test to Speech Accent” option which was, of course, already set to “HuiHui.” The audio is still not functioning for individual words and phrases, nor does it work in the Review section in order to hear the words in order to, among other things, respond to the Quizzes.

With regard to the iPhone and iOS, the audio on LingQ seems to be fully functioning.

Glad to hear iOS app works fine now. Regarding the MacOS, lets continue conversation through email you sent earlier. I’ll follow up there.