Losing the content of a whole new forum post due to a simple misclick

When you write a new forum post and click anywhere outside the white box, you’ll lose everything you have written (if you click on “+ New Thread” again, the box is empty). It is extremely annoying when you spend a while writing something and then you lose it just by accidentally pressing a mouse button.

Most websites ask you whether you really want to leave whenever you type anything and try to navigate away from the page or close the window. This should be implemented here, at least when you are about to close the “New Thread” box.

You are right. It disappears without no warnings.

You could also lose your internet connection, your browser could stop responding, or any number of other things could go wrong and you lose everything you have written that way. I learned a long time ago, your safest bet is to write everything in a document on your computer first; that way, you can take your time and edit to your heart’s content; the likelihood of a crash or other screw-up is minimal; then you can copy and paste what you have written into whatever box it is you’re wanting to post it to online. You can save or delete your document as you so choose. Word documents don’t take up a lot of space, so I often save what I have written because something can still get deleted online, even after you have posted it. I use WordPad all the time.

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Losing your internet connection does not lead to data loss on most platforms (you will usually get an error message instead with an option to send the data later).

Of course, your browser can stop responding or your computer can explode, but the likelihood of that happening is tiny. On the other hand, the likelihood of accidentally clicking outside the white box or closing the tab is quite high.

More importantly, giving you a warning is what you would expect, since most websites do that.

Yeah, it’s not like nobody understands what it is you are complaining about.

Or the web page could reset itself. Or the web page could go down. Or the server could go down. Or you could “accidentally” click on the wrong thing and lose what you have written that way and then get annoyed and complain about it on the support forum. Or, or, or…

Exploding computer. That’s rich. If that happens, I’d say losing something you have just written on some forum would be the least of your worries.

The main thing that we have learned today is that you could completely ignore the main point, which is that any number of things could go wrong online (and instead argue about whether one of the things that could go wrong would go wrong), and you could completely ignore sound advice (and the solution to your problem), like using a word document, and you could just keep doing what you’re doing.

You’re welcome.

Yes, that popup is not great. We will improve it so you can’t lose your text so easily and so it’s clearer in general. Thanks for pointing this out!

What a completely ridiculous and needlessly rude comment… I have developed more than 20 different websites for various clients and have a lot of background in computer science, so I believe I have an idea about how a website should work (and I do write important messages in a text editor first; I actually wrote my comment because my girlfriend who is not so tech savvy lost a long post due to a misclick).

I just pointed out a flaw in the posting workflow that can be easily fixed. What’s your problem?

you could completely ignore sound advice (and the solution to your problem)

Telling users to circumvent a design flaw is not a solution. The very purpose of the support forum is to report things that could be improved.

Oh, so it was actually your not-so-tech-savvy girlfriend who, like many of us, had to learn the hard way about using a simple word processor and she was actually the one who lost everything she wrote and got extremely annoyed and you were riding in on your white horse to save the day.
Makes more sense now, I get it.

I was about to say what my problem was, is that when someone suggested that you use a basic word processor (which is in fact the best overall solution for not losing everything you wrote, whether you acknowledge that as a solution or not — otherwise why would you ever do it?) nowhere did you mention, “Oh, I do that already, it was actually someone else who lost what they wrote, thanks. I was just trying to get the website to fix a design flaw.” No, you talked about exploding computers instead! Forget ridiculous and rude, I won’t even say what the word for that is.

I reported a technical issue. You suggested that I do something unrelated to the issue to prevent data loss because there are other things that could happen (implying that this is my problem, not the developers’ problem) . I politely explained that the other things are much less likely to happen and, more importantly, this is not the expected behaviour, which is why it should be fixed.

Then you started behaving like a total asshole. That’s this thread in a nutshell.

Go back and read my original (helpful) post, then read your original asshole response about exploding computers and then tell me who is being an asshole.

Not using a simple word processor and losing everything you have written online (regardless of what website you are visiting) is in fact your problem, and you (finally) admitted as much when you acknowledged, “I do write important messages in a text editor first.” Then you admitted it wasn’t really your problem when you said, “my girlfriend who is not so tech savvy lost a long post due to a misclick.” So she is the one who has now learned the hard way the importance of using a simple word processor. So, don’t tell me how you “politely explained” about exploding computers.

This is the “Support & Feedback Forum”, and I submitted feedback on a feature that could be improved (like I did many times before, and the LingQ team is very helpful and cares about user feedback).

You suggested a “solution” that works for just the people following the solution, not for LingQ users in general, implying that this problem is my own stupidity and not something to “complain” about on the forum.

I just explained why it should be fixed anyway (because the likelihood of that happening to a user is quite high compared to other bad things that can happen, and a well-made website can cope pretty much with everything that can happen, except the exploding computer).

I wasn’t saying that your “solution” didn’t work; I was only explaining the reasons why this is still an issue for the developers—which you, with what I can only describe as a superiority complex, misinterpreted as a personal attack and started an arrogant rant, insulting both me and my girlfriend.

You are honestly one of the biggest jerks I have had the misfortune to reply to on this forum.

Likewise. You’re just too arrogant to acknowledge it. Does your girlfriend know to use a simple word processor now? Tell her she’s welcome.

"You suggested a “solution” that works for just the people following the solution, not for LingQ users in general … "

Precisely. And putting the word “solution” in quotes doesn’t make it not a solution.

“… implying that this problem is my own stupidity and not something to “complain” about on the forum.”

You didn’t really go back and read my original post, now did you? I didn’t say any such thing until AFTER you started talking about exploding computers and failed to acknowledge the use of a simple word processor, stupid!

Then you’re the one who came back six days later and started all this other bull crap.