Losing Streaks

I really wish this streak problem could be fixed once and for all. It is very demotivating when this happens to first time language learners. I realize that they can come here and ask for it to be fixed, but not all of my students know that or think of doing it since most don’t use the Forum.

I think I have been told by one of my students that you must ask for your streak to be fixed right away. Is that correct?

For example, if my student loses his streak (because of this problem in LingQ), and I don’t realize it for a few days, can we come on three days later and asked for it to be fixed? (Given, of course, that he has really kept it up in the meantime.)

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If you check recent threads in the forum, you’ll see that Zoran clearly states that streaks can only be repaired within 24 hours so your students may be out of luck.

I’ll wish you luck anyway that all is resolved in the way that best suits you and your students.

Thank you. I should have looked myself. I guess I need to announce this loudly and clearly to all my students.

I am able to fix streaks even days after, but only if there is a maximum of 1-day break.

I am pretty sure that is the case. Can I just email you the student’s user name myself and you see if you can fix it?


Super Jingle,
I’m glad you’re getting it sorted out!

There appears to be a lack of transparency and glitches galore in so far as streaks are concerned

thank you very much, Zoran.