Losing newlines importing text via API

No matter how I try to insert new lines via the API, the text that appears in the lesson in lingq removes them all. Is there a way to make sure they stay?

I have the same problem. @snagao do you have some fix or it still is the issue?

In order to keep the same formatting, please try to copy the text from the pdf or website into a plain text editor (not rich text editor) like Windows Notepad or Mac TextEdit.

It’s work through API. There is no such step as manual copying.

It seems that API works with formatted text. I figured out that you should wrap paragraphs into ‘

’ tags.

Oh interesting. So when you insert the html tags, the imported result maintains some formatting?

I tested only replacement newlines with ‘p’ tags. But I have doubts that there is possibility of flexible formatting besides that.