Losing My Streaks, Cannot Change My Daily Lingq Goal

Hey! I seem to have a problem with my streaks. Even though I entered more than 50 linggs yesterday, the system is showing me today that I have entered only 44 or something, so I have lost my streak. I no longer have enough points to repair it so that is gone anyway. But I try to change my daily goals from 50 to 13, which I am able to that on mobile, but that does not really work either. It’s still showing me 50 daily lingqs to keep up with. I also could nit find the daily lingq settings on the web, which I remember having it before. Any ideas why I’m having such problems?

On the website version, click on the settings button (gear icon) on the home page, and on the settings popup that will appear you can change your Daily LingQs goal.
Also, strange that your streak got broken if you created enough LingQs. Are you sure that you have correct time zone selected on the Profile settings page?


Thank you for the quick response. I managed to change the daily goals. I must have missed it.

This isn’t the first time I lost my streak after creating enough amount lingqs to keep up with my streak. I suspect a loss network connection or a server related problem. I really don’t know.

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I have a somewhat similar issue. I go to the settings page and change by goals (to 50), but when I return to the homepage it always says 13. Not sure what the issue is.

@jbfan88 Strange. Do you still not see the correct number in the Apple widget?

Apple widget?

On the top right on the home page, where you can track your Daily LingQs goal and stats, there is an Apple widget (activity apple) showing how near are you to reach daily target.

If you hit your goal, then keep reading and find a yellow word that you know and mark it as known it will drop you back below your goal. It makes sense that it counts as a negative, because otherwise if you marked a word yellow by mistake and moved it back to known, it would inflate your word counts.

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I don’t have an iPhone. You mean when using safari? Can you share a screenshot?

I am not referring to any Apple device. When you are on the LingQ Homepage, on the right you will see the “Statistics” displaying at the tops your streak, hours remaining for the current day, and blue Apple with Daily Goal next to it.