Losing my streak

When I am studying reading (learning words, creating lingq etc) I maintain my streak.

Sometimes I don’t want to learn words but understand them when I hear them. To do this, I do hours of listening. However, this doesn’t go towards my streak.

So I can cheat, by doing 5 minutes of reading and click on words I don’t know, but this isn’t ideal, as I create a way for me just to bodge my learning.

Can ‘listening’ be included in the streak? I find the streak motivating and important, but some days I just want to spend a couple of hours listening to my language, and that’s enough.


We are looking into redesigning the streak feature in the upcoming update, yes.


instead of streak, I would rather see a 7-day average of the number of lingqs, learned words or other stats. I guess the activity apple serves the same purpose, but I’m not sure I understand what it means.

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Also sometimes it does claim that I have lost my streak and I have to pay to repair, but I am sure I have done the necessary work…

Hey Zoran. I lost my streak a while ago with the Korean language. I was like around 200 days in and somehow it reset the whole. Didn’t get a repair streak warning and had to start over again. I wonder if you could add 200 days on top of the preexisting streak.

@MS101 Sure, should be done.

OMG thx a lot. You are the best :slight_smile:

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other than being motivating, why is a linking streak important? Sometimes I read a big text, make loads of links, but need time to study the text again and listening to it. So the day(s) after, I don’t make new links because of that. But I am still learning and focusing on my language. So, can somebody explain this to me?

I lost my streak on Monday :frowning: the program showed I had my links for the day and then it was gone the next day. I agree a 7 day average would be great but the streak keeps some people moving along with a daily habit.

I was wondering if there was a glitch in the system?

I think the motivation aspect is the importance of the streak. The most difficult thing for me with language learning is consistency. You have to do it every day, and often (if you are anything like me) you lose motivation. Knowing you are about to lose a 100+ streak is often motivation enough to do some reading and study. Even if for just half an hour. I just wish listening was included.

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I had the same problem and I agree with you, that would be very helpful.

It happened again this Monday. I was able to buy back this time.

Links help you recognize phrases in future passages. I write my links down in a golden note books and add a few to my SRS cards along with Anki. over time you begin to pick up the phrases naturally.

Once I broke my streak I realized that I didn’t need it at all, I was motivated to continue doing my tasked readings as scheduled, I’ve never looked back since.

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I feel this way too. Now I just ignore the whole “keep your streak” aspect of LingQ and see it as an irritant I have to put up with. My learning process is more important to me and what that needs. So on days when I want to read and create lingqs, I do, and on days when I want to reread and reassign the level of knowing of a words, I do that, and if it’s a day to really do a lot of listening, then I do that. Mostly I do a combination. And then on some days I don’t come to Lingq at all as I am studying elsewhere. The streak thing is basically irrelevant to me.

Also the system doesn’t seem to notice if I have been on LingQ from different devices - iMac, iPhone, iPad. . It seems unable to track me no matter where I am coming to LingQ from when measuring my activity.

That’s very strange. Are you sure that you are logged into the same account on all devices?

Hey Zoran. I lost my streak again on Korean. I am not sure if it have something to do when I use it on an android. I don’t get repair streak message on android and it seems sometimes I it doesn’t register my daily streak.

I fixed your streak. Do you have a correct time zone selected on your profile?