Loose suggestion for the next new language after Korean and Cantonese finishing duking it out

I’ll just throw this one up in the air. What if for the next little contest for newest language on lingq instead of a poll like this (which is fine btw) you guys did a which language can create the most original non-copyrighted content contest for new language number 2? This way you’d start with some amount of content.

Anyway it’d probably be hard to administer, and Steve would be able to magically delete other languages content to keep Czech alive, and Polish would still lose :frowning:

I’m also happy to finally see that I’m not British anymore…

No one wants to be British… Everyday children like these grow up being British… It is just awful and no child should have to live this way… but you can do something to make them not so British…Call the number at the bottom of your screen…so that children like these can grow up without being British, and know that you are making the world a better place, one child at a time…

The main tragedy in growing up British is that you have to spend the rest of your life dealing with the Doctor Who addiction.

My youngest’s first word was “deet-deet” (Delete Delete! = cyberman). He could recognise a Sea Devil before he could recognise a sheep and could say “tardis” before he could say “lorry”.

What’s wrong with “Doctor Who” :)) I love that serie :)) There is already a new actor…I liked David Tennant :slight_smile:

Helen talked a lot about the interest of her family for Dr. Who. Recently I bought the first two series and now we enjoy it. It is Britisch, but I like it. Maybe I like it BECAUSE it is British :wink: It’s quite different from American series.

hey! I’d love to be British (so sexy accent!)

What’s wrong with being British? I like British. I like Helen. The English invented English. I’d like to know it better to understand Aubaine’s joke. I feel it is a joke, but what’s it about. Is it about the immigrants?

Getting back to Bliindside’s original question, I like the idea although the only way I can see that working is by having the languages in place already so that people could upload their content and then we could compare…of course, that would mean that we had already created those languages…maybe that’s his plan…pretty sneaky.

As for the British discussion, thankfully I was only subjected to Doctor Who for a brief period as a kid. I didn’t realize people were still watching it… :wink:

It is compulsory viewing in the UK. The BBC have spies everywhere…

I am sorry, Mark, that you were traumatised: were you one of the children hiding behind the settee, like my husband and my daughter???
Yes, on a Saturday night, the national grid is checked and if one’s electricity consumption doesn’t fall into the same pattern as that of certified Dr Who addicts, the heavies come around.
@ Vera: The original series one and two from the sixties? It used to be sooooo scary.
@Ilya: substitute any word for British, why don’t you try using Aubaine?

It’s done with the tone of those commercials that depict sad children from poor countries, and they want you to donate money so that they can give them shoes and food. And they make the kid cry and put on sad music to try to work you into it.
Or those commercials for anti-depressants…

That’s my sarcastic humor at work

@ Aubaine: Ahhh! Thank you! I had liked your joke even without understanding it :wink:

@ Sanne: Still, I can’t subtitute Aubaine for Helen. I glanced at Aubanie’s profile - she turned to be male!

@Sanne: No, we are watching the new series. I’m not sure if the old episodes exist on DVD.

My wife loves everything British, especially masterpiece theatre, historical novels and the like on TV. Hugh Grant, Colin Firth etc. But I am not British. Should I be worried?

Why not to mention your older son among you wife’s British affections?

Blindside’s loose suggestion suggests a business model for LingQ to try. :wink:

Somebody starts a new thread about languages or their learning. The members are allowed to place money bets on what topic would dominate the thread after, say, 12 posts. Credit cards, Pay Pal and free members accepted. The winner gets 75% (conversion to the LingQ points encouraged). LingQ gets its 25% (should be enough to pay the tutors).

Some details are yet to be worked out, especially how to control the Administrators.

I am ready to place my bet.

That’s the answer, Ilya! Turn LingQ into an online gambling site…that’s got the wheels spinning.

yeah this guy got off topic here in a hurry…

anyway I was more thinking we’d just trust your guys numbers eg Czech has 10 entries Korean has 34 ect. and just make sure that people aren’t cheating…

Turning lingq to a gambling site is also a great idea

James has almost every episode of @Doctor Who, ever. If you are interested I suggest you talk to him (whoaholic, or via his YouTube channel). I’m sure he could provide you with a hamper of the best of the earlier stories.

I would be very interested in other people’s TV obsessions and will start a thread about this when my smallest stops rummaging through my wardrobe :wink: