Looking for YT Channels with CC. Any suggestions? (French)

In German there are so many great YT Channels with CC such as

Is there anything similar in French that you guys know of?

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Here’s some I’ve collected over time, maybe there’s something that’d interest you. I think these all have legit subtitles, but actually the auto-generated ones aren’t half bad anymore, not perfect, but ok. There’s a lot of French language yt channels out there.

Cyprien - YouTube (he has a fun radiophonique story called L’épopée temporelle, Looks like he also animated it, but i haven’t watched that one, they have subtitles)
Scilabus - YouTube
L'Histoire nous le dira - YouTube
Nota Bene - YouTube
ScienceEtonnante - YouTube
Secrets d'Histoire Officiel - YouTube
DirtyBiology - YouTube
La Prof - YouTube
And of course, depending on your level, if you’re still a beginner, French in Action is always recommended.


No idea MarkE, but thanks for the German suggestions. I had MrWissen2go but not the others.

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Here’s a convenient Youtube search tool for French that I believe includes only videos that have CC in French: https://www.zerotohero.ca/en/fr/youtube/search


I would recommend typing something in French on YouTube and then pressing ‘filters’ and then ‘Subtitles/CC’. You should find a lot of videos with French subtitles.


Excellent website suggested and very useful