Looking for Swedish people to practise with on Skype

Hi, I’d like to find a Swedish speaker to chat with on Skype. I’m quite a beginner (learning 5 months). In return I can help with English conversation, grammar, and corrections.

Jag skulle vilja hitta svensk födda talare, för att prata på skype. I har studerat i fem månad. Jag kan hjälpa dig med engelska konversation, grammatisk, och korrigeringar.



Hi, I want also to learn Swedisch, but I’m a very beginner for a couple of weeks. Now I can’t speak so good Swedisch, but perhaps about some time… (My English is also not so good…)

hi guys i also wanna learn swedish plz help me

A good start is to study the basic lessons available in the library.

I offer Swedish lesson via Skype.
Contact me on mathias.luco.nydahl@hotmail.com
or my Skype address mathias.nydahl

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am searching for someone to practice the Swedish with …

I can help you to learn Swedish in return I need help with english languages.