Looking for Spanish / Hispanic / Latin American History Content

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for interesting content having to do specifically with Spanish, Hispanic, and Latin American history at the advanced level (advanced 1 or 2 in LingQ standards). Mainly, I want it to be fast, interesting, and not boring.

Currently, I’m having a great time learning about Latin American culture with RadioAmbulante (www.radioambulante.org) but it’s mostly concerned with social justice and more modern issues. I would ideally like content having to do with history of Spain (however far back), conquest, Hispanic culture over the years, rebellion against Spain and independence, etc. Also, I would be very interested in country-specific content, like a specific history of, say, El Salvador throughout the years.

I have good podcasts for listening purposes, but I’m struggling to find ones with texts, so if you have suggestions for podcasts with texts that would be amazing!

Thank you in advance!

If you look through these episodes you might find something that interests you:

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There are hundreds of podcasts on RTVE http://www.rtve.es/ (en “Documentales”) but I don’t know if you’ll find what you’re looking for.

If someone knows where I can find the same thing but for Portuguese speaking countries… :wink:

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I’ve been working on VeinteMundos.com here lately. It has a good amount of well narrated, interesting content pertaining to all the various Spanish speaking countries in the world. Most of the audio is 6 minutes or longer and is accompanied with text so that’s definitely a bonus as well.

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Oh my gosh, this is FANTASTIC! OH MY GOSH! Thank you sooooo much. This will keep me busy for so long :))))))))))))))))))

take a look through these

Thanks @therightcoast … you’ve saved me some shameless self-promotion!

Ben, it’s hard to find stuff with texts but if you want really good history podcasts check out Diana Uribe and also La Biblioteca Perdida. Both are extensive history podcasts that will keep you busy for hours and hours and hours…

Oh and if you find something you really enjoy, let us know. Share and share alike. :slight_smile:

Thanks! And if I find some good stuff, I’ll be sure to let you guys know :smiley:
I tried out those Veinte Mundos podcasts but something about the way the words are said (the intonation, accent, speed) is a bit off-putting to me, so I’ve been working through the Euronews Reportajes and RadioAmbulante podcasts, they’re so fun!
Are the Diana Uribe / La Biblioteca Perdida about specifically Spanish history, or more about general history?

Anyways, thanks so much! Your post is awesome!

Search for both on ivoox … LBP covers a lot of ground, each episode focuses on a particular event or theme - there is a lot of Spanish history but also the Romans, medieval history, and general history.

Diana Uribe is a Colombian historian. She does long multi-part series on different countries (History of Spain, History of Britain, History of the Cold War, History of Brazil etc etc).