Looking for Spanish and Italian podcasts

Hey all :smiley:

These are big languages, so I am surprised I have not found amazing stuff, so thought I would ask.

Does anyone know of any good Spanish or Italian podcasts that are relatively long, maybe 50 minutes or so, on the following topics:
International Politics

Many thanks

Hey Mate,

There is one on here called El Hilo , aka the thread it is all abut politics and Covid in Central America in Español . I love it which is probably why my activity score has jumped up. If you find some good stuff post it on here always looking for more.


Ooh thanks, this sounds good ^_^.

I have not looked through this list of science podcasts completely, but I am hoping I find a podcast of interest somewhere in here :smiley:

Radio ambulante is a good Spanish podcast. There are a few here but you can import the transcript for free from their website. There’s probably over a hundred of them. Most of them are around 30 minutes but some are an hour.


I am looking for the same! Share if you find something good.

I second Radio Ambulante for Spanish. I used to listen to it a lot when I was learning Spanish. It’s very interesting.

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There is this channel about geopolitcs Nova Lectio - YouTube, and he has this podcast called Storie di geopitica. Also i reccomend Alessandro Barbero channel and podcast, it is all about history. All Italian content.

El Hilo is an “offshoot” of Radio Ambulante, BTW.