Looking for someone to chat with in order to improve my spoken skills in Japanese and Portuguese

I’m a native Norwegian speaker looking for someone to speak with in Japanese and Portuguese. I can help with English or Norwegian in return. I currently live in Japan, so finding time for skype sessions should not be a problem for Japanese. However, I’ve been having problems finding the time to speak with people from Brazil, due to the 12 hour time difference. As I am currently trying to learn Brazilian Portuguese, but have not started speaking yet. I was therefore wondering if there are any Brazilians living in a time zone closer to Japan that would like to chat? :slight_smile: Or a speaker of European Portuguese :slight_smile: My skype is prebenmoerch

eu sou brasileira e posso te ajudar no português podemos marcar. em troca vc treina comigo conversação em japonês.
att. edith

:slight_smile: Minha skype e prebenmoerch