Looking for short Russian biographies on LingQ

I have a graded reader bilingual, which introduces the biographies of some Russian persons throughout history. Now, the reader is still very difficult, as I don’t know many words, and have to read the sentence in German and then in Russian. Since I do most of my reading for Russian on LingQ I wondered, if there was any similar content (short biographies) on LingQ, that I could read, to expose myself to the relevant vocabulary. I searched for biographies but came out empty-handed. Any links, providers or keywords would be appreciated.

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Did you try Wikipedia?

Good idea, though I hoped for some easier texts for learners. Wikipedia imports show me around 700 new words, which is a bit overwhelming. I hoped for biographies in the lesson library, for intermediate 1 or 2

I concider the level Intermediate 2 as a very high level, it’s a level of an average native speaker!..
The levels Advanced 1 or moreover Advanced 2 is a level of a very well educated native speaker!
Of course, WikiPedia is a level of Intermediate 2 or sometimes Advanced 1.

What about your question - approximately 50% of my Russian lesson have the English or German vershions in the English or German libraries in lingq.com.

I am going to continue makibng such vershions, so you will be able to use them.
And even now you can find the Eglish or German vershions of many of my Russian texts from my courses МОИ ПЕРВЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ, ПРОСТЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ, СОВЕТЫ УЧИТЕЛЯ, СТРАНИЦЫ ИСТОРИИ РОССИИ, О ПРИРОДЕ И ЖИВОТНЫХ, В ГАЗЕТАХ ПИШУТ, ДЕНЬ ЗА ДНЕМ, РУССКАЯ КУЛЬТУРА etc.
Good luck!
Viel Erfolg!

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I know your courses, and am using many of them and enjoy them very much, but I need some biographical stuff, like “he was baptized later in life, when he converted to religion suchandsuch” or: “he went to Church every Sunday” (The text I am reading is about a religious figure who influenced Church, but the book with biographies also contains painters and writers, and the vocabulary is completely new to me, so I thought that a similar text of similar important people would be of help.

Look for the мошенники series of Lingq lessons

Besides, Evgueny’s lessons on Russian history do include some biographies, an example:

Thank you ftornay, that’s exactly what I was looking for, even though it’s still well above my level, but I will work through some of the lessons in addition to some easier material, and hope that I will be able to read my biographies in 2018 or 2019 :wink: