Looking for Russian Ebooks / Epubs

Hello all you language learners :slight_smile:

i’m trying to find easy to read e-books in russian. It doesn’t really matter what kind of book it is, it should be for starters / easy content. Maybe childs books. Here in Germany it seems to be not supported to buy those, even at onleihe (online library from our public library). They have a lot of languages to choose, but no chance for a russian book.

So i’m asking especially you, native russians → are there any hints you can give me to find a reliable source for russian books of any kind? In Germany there is a lot of books which are legal and free to download (old classics and so on), maybe there is something similar to get…

Thank you all in advance, i wish you a nice Day!

I found lots of ebooks using the OPDS feeds listed on this page MobileRead Wiki - OPDS

Essentially you first need an ebook reader that supports OPDS and then you tell it the address of the registry of books. They are sorted by genre and type etc.

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I used FBReader on Android.