Looking for Podcasts

We’re looking for a few good podcasts!

We are looking for your help in finding good podcasts in your native language that would make good learning content for LingQ members. We are looking for podcasts on topics of general interest. Ideally, the podcasters speak clearly and well but also naturally. We are not really looking for language learning podcasts. We are looking for podcasts that native speakers listen to.

In addition to using these podcasts as content on LingQ, we are hoping to offer transcripts to the podcasters in exchange for the promotion of LingQ in their podcasts somehow. If you listen to any podcasts regularly or know of any that might be suitable please let us know so we can approach them.

Thanks for your help.

Let me add a few comments.

We want either of the following:

  1. Popular podcasts in your language who be happy to let us use this content. We can provide transcripts which these podcasters often appreciate. Please let us know of any, and if you want you can write to them or we will.

  2. If you have the time to make podcasts in your own language, talking to a friend about every day things please let us know. You can even record Wikipedia articles and load them into LingQ. We have obtained permission from Wikipedia for this.

Let us know if you are interested in helping out.

For French:

Narrow vocabulary, but the hosts speak quite fast.

Looks like a good one Edwin! Thanks!

Steve and Mark, I have some things in the works now… and I will get some things up as soon as I get them done. All my friends around here are Japanese Speaking, so I wont be able to do any english-english friend chat at the time, but knowing we can record and upload the Wikipedia articles has just made my day. I don’t have much trouble getting people to read articles for me in Japanese, so I can begin putting some Wikipedia things up!

of course I am going away for a few days for Golden Week…


Sounds good, Val and we’re always happy to have members create and share good content.

Hi Mark

I´m brazilian, and I want to contribute with portuguese podcasts.

I´m student and I share an apartment with friends. I hope they can participate in the recordings with me. We can talk about several subjects.

How can I colaborate? Do I need to send the poadcasts to someone? who?


Hi raonifranco,

That sounds great! Thanks for your interest. The first thing to do is to send me a sample podcast so I can check your sound quality and give feedback on your content. If we like the podcast, we will use it on our PortugueseLingQ podcast and you will be able to earn LingQ points (1000 points per podcast). I look forward to receiving your sample.

Send your sample to support[at]lingq[dot]com.

Hi Mark
this topic was been posted in april, 2008. Five years ago.
Are you looking yet?
I´m brazilian, and interest to improve my english.
Sounds great this kind of “change knowledge”.
Waiting your answer.

@ robsonco - sure, as I told him above, just send in a sample so we can check the sound quality and content and we can go from there.

I have just started to record my own blog as a podcast for English LingQ.
It’s a documentary blog following the development of the baby gorillas born last year in an American zoo.

I have no idea how to quantify the level. I think I marked them as Intermediate 2, would like to know if this makes sense or if I should change that. Would also like feedback on the sound quality. I plan to record all 53 posts if I can. Feedback given to me now will help me to do a better job.

I would very much like for people to feel free to translate any and all posts at the Zoo Baby Blog into their native language, and then record some or all of the readings for use here. Permission is granted.

And if someone with a better voice would like to record some of these posts in English, that too, would be wonderful. Just let me know.

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Some suggestions for Portuguese


As a suggestion:

-go to itunes
-change the country setting to a target-language country
-click “podcasts”
-look at “what’s hot” or what is “top podcast”
-write to a number of the top one’s