Looking for penpals around the world


I’m new to this site and I still feel a bit confused in here. However, I love to learn languages.
I’m italian, but I’ve been living in Norway for about 10 years, I also speak French fluently, I understand Spanish quite well, and a little German too. I’m also interested in modern Greek, Japanese, and Chinese.
Anyway, I came here in the hope to find friends… I’ve seen a page in this site offering tutors, but that sounds so boring to me! I could never learn a language in such a formal way. For me, learning a language is a passion. I can learn a new language quite easily, as long as I feel excited about it. But if I feel like being at school again, I’ll start to reject it!

How can I find penpals here? Is anybody interested in something like this?
By the way, I’m 33 years old woman, and I’m interested in all the languages, but most of all, I can never get tired of “practicing” my french by chatting with people, because that’s the language I love the most.
I could help people learning Italian, if they want to.