Looking for others to follow

Hello all. New to LingQ but not Russian. I started studying a little over a year ago using Russian Accelerator, which I have liked for learning grammar but is lacking in vocabulary. I’d like to have a few friends to follow as they progress, and likewise someone who follows me so I don’t feel so “alone” in learning the language.

Any takers?

I’m learning Russian. I write about my progress here: https://acquiringrussianthenaturalway.blogspot.com

Hi there,
I also started with Russian Accelarator. After 8 months, I discovered LingQ, which I am using now for more than 700 days without a pause. It has helped me a lot in my immersive approach to learn the language. I combine it with listening to podcasts, following all kinds of YouTube channels and speaking to natives online on a weekly basis. I am still enjoying the process a lot, already for 2 1/2 years now. Never imagined I could get this far. Good luck with your language journey!