Looking for more people to Spanish WhatsApp group!

I made a WhatsApp group for us learning Spanish here on lingQ. Initially the group had a link for anyone to join but we had some very strange people joining. We are are about 6 active members in the group at the moment but we are looking to make that number higher…

The group is used as

  1. A way to maintain motivation, you are welcome to tell us about how your Spanish studying is going at any point. Including your goals and achievements…
  2. Practice speaking Spanish in a non-judging environment, some of us are quite high level Spanish and others are just starting.
    However, we all respect each others and realize that we are all climbing the same mountain, although we are located on different heights.
  3. Giving advice on learning the language, or in general.
  4. Sharing great lessons or courses from lingQ with each others.

With that being said let me know if you are interested in joining on this post. Write a short reason why you would like to join.
I will not publish a link for anyone to join as I did last time. This lead to the group being filled with the wrong type of people. In this group we treat each other with kindness and respect. <3
Have a nice day!



Alexini, Ok I’d like to join your Spanish What’s App group. My LingQ id is Costa_Man

What do you need from me?

Sounds what I’m looking for. How do I join?

I need you to write tell abit about yourself and then you can write your email here so that i can send the invitational link to whatsapp. I wont post it for anyone to join. We already have a nice group and only want to right people here. :slight_smile:

I need you to write tell abit about yourself and then you can write your email here so that i can send the invitational link to whatsapp. I wont post it for anyone to join. We already have a nice group and only want to right people here. :slight_smile:

PS. btw you can tell what is your goals with studying the language!

I’d be happy to join if I find out how to use WhatsApp on my new cell!

I have been using LingQ pretty heavily for the last few months to learn Spanish (though I took a break in December). I started learning Spanish, because my daughter is studying it in school. I am currently reading the first Harry Potter book in Spanish, but I have not started speaking very much. However, I do talk with my sister and my daughter in Spanish, occasionally. If you would like more information, I am happy to provide it. I would very much like to join the group.

Hello there! I’m interested in joining to the WhatsApp group that you created. I’m from Argentina and therefore I speak Spanish but I’m learning English that’s because I think we can help us together with feedback from both. If you accepted me please send me the email to jose at lunite dot net
Greetings, Jose.

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Hello Alexini, this is a great idea! My name is Sverre, my Lingq handle is “Norwegianblue.” I was born and raised in Norway, and have lived in California, USA for most of my adult life; and so English is my second language. And now, Spanish is my third! I just upgraded my Lingq membership to premium so that I can read “El General en su Laberinto” in the original language. I’m interested in learning more about your WhatsApp group, and I promise to treat everyone with kindness and respect, even Swedes (I hope you get my inside joke). Sorry you had a bad experience with trolls, and so I understand you won’t post the link. But the flip side of that is that it’s not safe for people to post their email addresses or Whatsapp contact info on the internet either. So how do you contact people who express interest? I’m new to this forum, so I don’t know if it’s possible to send a private message to other users.

¡Hola Alexini!
I have been to Spain 2 times. I could even use my poor Spanish there. But I would like to make some more progress. Let me join the group, please.

I would like to invite you but I dont think there is a way to whisper on lingq… and i wont post the whatsapp invitation because i will have 5 people joining and being rude and 5 people joining as asking if anyone wants to get coaching in spanish etc. also i think that its silly that people in norway/denmark/sweden are rude to each others i never understood this. I know you are joking but i have experienced people being rude to me from norway and denmark after i told them i was from sweden, and before i told them they were nice.


Soy Ingles, vivo en Bristol. Soy un instructor de conduccįon . me gusta karate y correr. He estado aprendiando español desde Abril 2018. Quiero hablar español porque visito español cada ano.

mi correo de electronico es chris.parker.mba@gmail.com

Yes, of course I was joking and I’m shocked to hear that. It’s been a while since I lived in Scandinavia, but when I grew up there, there was just a friendly joke war going on between the countries, I don’t think I ever experienced anyone being rude. So again, sorry if that’s been your experience. For the same reason, I won’t be posting my email in public, but I think perhaps the solution to this is to set up an email just for this. I will look into it. Thanks, Alexini!

Hola Alexini! Soy Mexicana, así que puedo aportar bastante español latinoamericano y varias diferencias que tenemos con el Castellano que normalmente aprenden en Europa. Hablo también Inglés y estoy aprendiendo Italiano y Chino en mi tiempo libre. Soy guía de turistas personalizada en la Ciudad de México así que pueden preguntarme también si vienen de visita alguna vez! Saludos cordiales!

Soy estudiante de español. Me gustaria hacer parte de ese grupo. Podrías añadirme.

Me encantaría unirme aunque soy nueva aquí llevo varios años aprendiendo ingles . Me llamo Romy y soy de La Habana. romygarciadominguez@gmail.com

Hi Alexini

I would like to join the group. I am always looking for ways to improve in Spanish. I have been studying Spanish for several years using Lingq and would love to chat with others with the same goals.

Hi I want to join the group I’m a Colombian guy. as a profesion am mechanical engineer and I was living in Perth Australia for 4 years It makes easy for me to communicate in Spanish or English. Am very keen at helping people.
este es mi correo electronico: ivancoronadobenavides@gmail.com chao gracias.