Looking for French educational type TV shows for kids

Searching on YouTube is a bit of a nightmare. The filters aren’t specific enough to find what I am looking for. Also, YouTube kids in french is very limited, full of nasty CGI and doesn’t have any subtitles.

The list below is what I am looking for. They need to meet this criteria;

  1. Must be real; no cartoons or CGI.
  2. With French or auto-generated french subtitles.
  3. Teaches different topics through stories, games and real-life situations.
  4. Is a series, or consists of a series of videos (ideally with playlists.)
  5. Each video is short (Less then 5 minutes or so.) (may be longer if the content is good.)
  6. Can be imported into LingQ with no issues.

I have looked, but there is too much to look through. Perhaps there is better way to search for desired content?

Any ideas?


Have you tried Netflix? They might have what you are looking for.