Looking for "exotic" English content

I have had a request for more English content in other than North American accents! Any Australians, Englishmen, Irishmen, Indians, New Zealanders, Scotsmen, Singaporeans, South Africans, Ulstermen, Welshmen, West Indians and others wiling to record themselves talking to their friends. Let me know.

I think it is good to have contents in various accents. However when I study, I want to stick with North American accent. In the future, I want to be able to tell the accents of the contents without clicking on them, maybe by showing a flag of the country (I saw this on the ELLO site and thought it was a very good idea.)

I found “ABC Radio National” a very reach Australian site with (transcritpion) of the most programs, for the other accent there is “http://www.bbc.co.uk”(an infinite site - with the accents of the different countries of UK and also of other English speaking countries), and “http://www.mla.org/radio/radio_shows/2003_program_topics” the very interesting site of the Modern Language Association…and of course “google”.

Thank you Navigante,

People can take advantage of these for their personal use by going to “Import” and bringing them into their LingQ Work Desk, sound and text files both. If any of this is free of copyright, it can be Imported and shared with other members. If you Import for your own use, you can Import just the text. To share the content we require sound file and text.

We are always happy to hear of good content sources in all languages, and hope that some of it can be shared.


North-Americans are the “exotic” ones, at least to us!!!

I’d be happy to record some content with friends and family if there is a demand for British English.

Radoslaw posted this link to Australian content on the EnglishLingQ Forum

http://www.abc.net.au/services/podcasting/programs .htm

He says this about it,

For the person interested in Australian content. Here is a link with some great Australian content (some have audio and a transcripts following a few days after the show). I personally listen to All In The Mind on a regular basis, a show which is being transcribed. Of course they have guests from all over the English speaking world, so often it’s not 100% Australian English. Anyway, maybe this little link will help someone.

I guess this series

From the bbc learning English site is particularly interesting, not only because it is narrated in BE, but because there are a lot of people from all around the world speaking during the episodes. With transcripts.

what interesting link, ana! I didn’t know it and I’m really thankful for sharing with me /us. It is already in my favorite list!

There was a mistake in the link I’ve posted. There is the correct link:


Strange, I hope this one works fine


it doesn’t work but I think there is a space between programs and the point.
I deleated the last part (/programs…) then is is working.