Looking for Developers who can speak German - Softwareentwickler, die Deutsch sprechen können

Hi, i am looking for software developers who can speak German. Offering full-time employment contracts.

Your ability to speak German needs to be at an average standard to be able to have a conversation.

Please message me if your interested and have between 1-5 years experience as a software developer.

Ich suche Softwareentwickler, die Deutsch können. Anbieten von Vollzeit-Arbeitsverträgen.

Ihre Fähigkeit, Deutsch zu sprechen, muss durchschnittlich sein, um ein Gespräch führen zu können.

Bitte melde mich wenn du interessiert bist und zwischen 1-5 Jahren Erfahrung als Softwareentwickler hast.

HI, I am a native Speaker of German and maybe I know someone who could help you. But you should consider offering a little more Information. With the Input you gave, I can’t ask anyone. Who is the employer? What is the project about? Has the developper to live in a certain Country or Region? What programming languages will be used?..

Hi, thank you for your interest and suggestion. We are a group consultancy who assess candidates software development skills and undertake immigration services for people who have the technical skills as well as the language skills but are not in Germany, but of course we are also interested in people in Germany who are looking for a different opportunity or looking to start their careers. Therefore we’re looking for software developers specifically Java Developers but also App developers from any where in the world who have German language skills.

Our employers range from small to large companies situated in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. We’re interested in assess candidates CV’s and interviewing them over Skype as well as giving them a software development assessment test before introducing them to our employer to ensure we present the best candidates for the interview process. We dont collect any fees from the candidates unless they require immigration services.

If you’re aware of software developers who are interested in working in Germany or starting their career in Germany, we would be very interested.

If you’re aware of any candidates, please let us know by emailing our international team at: info@allianceeducation.co and we will have one of our German representatives contact the candidate to set up a interview and a assessment test online.

Thank you once again.

Best regards,
Ramin Armangu

In which country is the job offer?

The job offer is in Germany