Looking for Dari (Afghan Persian) content in Persian course

I’m a high beginner/very low intermediate learner of Dari. I’m trying to use the Persian course but would really love to focus on Afghan Persian (Dari) content as much as possible, but I’m not sure how best to find it. Most videos I find on youtube have no captions. Is there already a good stash of content in the Persian course that is Dari? Any tips would be most welcome. THANKS!!!

Have you tried searching the Persian Library for that accent you are interested in?
Hopefully other users will be able to give you some suggestions from where you can import content in that dialect.

Thanks! I’ve found a lot of Dari content on youtube, but so far none of the videos have captions. :frowning:

Anybody found any Dari videos with captions?

I am also interested in Dari content. ESL teachers have a huge influx of refugees from Afghanistan and very few language resources.

I’m also learning Dari, but there isn’t a whole lot of learning material once you reach the intermediate level. Pimsleur has 2 audio Dari modules (60 lessons) but i dont think you can get a transcript of these lessons, which is a pity. I actually transcribed the first 30 lessons myself, word for word in a notebook, so I could read it over and over again and memorize it. Time consuming but effective.

The best book I found was “Dari, an Elementary textbook” by Rahman Arman. You can basically skip straight to the transcript part at the end of the book, and study the text along with listening to the audio CD. If there’s words that you haven’t learnt yet, just write it in pencil above the word. This way, you can basically just study the same way you would with LingQ, while listening to the corresponding audio on the CD.