Looking for Danish tutor desperately!

Hey guys.

I am aware that Danish is not a language supported by Lingq but Since I use Lingq anyway I thought to ask if maybe any of the Norwegian/Swedish Tutors might be able to help me out as I can’t find a Danish tutor to help me anywhere on the net. If anyone can help me at all I’d really appreciate it!


I’m Danish teacher, so I might be able to help you…


I want to learn some Danish too! :slight_smile: I’m a new user, not too sure how LingQ works yet.

i also wanna learn danish or swedish plz help me

The best way I have found is to register in Netdansk.Its the program used for many who live in Denmark and are learning Danish.
It is a great program with weekly assignments and conversations. Costs $260 for about 5 weeks. All levels!!!
email the head
STINE DOT Moerch AT adm DOT laerdansk DOT dk

So, I have no affiliation with this site and I wish I lived in Denmark because then it would be free to attend… Someone sent me a message accusing me of being a scammer.
So, no, I am just a student in netdansk.
-gak ti myren og bliver gak