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Has anyone ever found any good website with Chinese articles/interviews providing both audio and text? Obviously LingQ has some, but I mean something like the Russian website Echo Moskvi, where the content is advanced, and is updated all the time, and you basically have years worth of material lol.

I am interested in all topics (science, politics, religion, culture), so anything will do :slight_smile:

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You can use the LingQ extension to import audio/video Chinese content from:

Watch Korean Dramas, Chinese Dramas and Movies Online | Rakuten Viki (right now, the extension isn’t working with Viki but we’re fixing it!).

Also, may want to check out: Learning Chinese Archives - LingQ Blog


Welcome to the club of those always desperately looking for new compelling Chinese content :slight_smile:

Honestly, most of what I do for importing content is finding stuff on YouTube, Youku, or other video sites. I have a personal transcriber who I hire if the video doesn’t already have subtitles, she’s awesome.

I also buy physical books off of eBay/Amazon and import them into LingQ by using Google Translate OCR, and then I hire somebody to record the audio if I really want it (but this can get expensive so usually I won’t).

I’ll share one site I know that many people share that really helped me get off the ground in Chinese, but is now too boring for me to care about anymore (I prefer dialogues or other topics rather than news read in a monotone voice).

The Chairman’s Bao

A graded news site with both audio and text - it is possible to import these to LingQ.


Asian Boss is one of my favorite YouTube channels. You can import the content into LingQ.

Asian Boss - YouTube

Are Chinese People Really Bad At English? | ASIAN BOSS - YouTube

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Can consider watching China dramas, not a lot of apps / sites have english subtitles to accompany the videos. That’s how I learn quickly, it’s fun and also learn quickly for conversational terms. I recommend using Vidfish app.

I am also looking for more Chinese content - especially books (not online amateur fiction) and podcasts with or without audio. There are some decent sites out there, but its the usual suspects translated from English (Sherlock Holmes etc) which doesn’t interest me too much in Chinese.

I just found “pdf drive” which is really good to chinese books (found things like Harry Potter, and interesting non fiction books) :slight_smile:

  1. You can go to http://www.dangdang.com/ to look for Chinese books you like. Use the “translate to English” option of Chrome if you struggle with the website (as I still do). If you find a book you like, you can buy the ebook. I found audio clips for the ebook I was reading on Ximalaya.com. Those clips do not cover all the book, but around 80% or so. So, I read some chapters with and some without audio.

  2. you can google or baidu (baidu.com) 电子书 (ebook) , (audiobook) and both. You should find a lot.

  3. You can play audio files on Ximalaya.com and use google translator on your phone to record and audio-to-text the audio. This is a bit cumbersome as google translator in my experience often only captures 10 seconds at a time. So, you would have to piece together hundreds of 1-2 line segments later on…