Looking for Ancient Greek resources

he could share with those he follows.

It is called sharing among friends.

Yes, Ernie’s right, unfortunately there’ s not much to be done for the time being but to keep the lessons private and share them amongst ourselves. I have text files and mp3 files that would need to be individually imported into the Esperanto slot as private lessons, while waiting for Greek to become an official beta language.

Perhaps Lingq could set up a “sandbox” slot for any and all languages, with the disclaimer that it might be messy and no customer service will be available. That would allow us to build up Ancient Greek content, share lessons, and take advantages of the wonderful tools they’ve developed here, even though the language isn’t actually supported.

Ah ha! I didn’t know about “sharing among friends”, I’m trying that out now with some of the Ancient Greek content I’ve created! I’ll report back here with how it works…

TroisRoyaumes, That’s interesting! Are you saying that if we all followed each other, then our lessons would be visible to each other (and everyone else we follow) but not to everyone using the slot? Is there a special way to share lessons in this fashion?

Ernie, I just tried sharing a lesson with you, in the Esperanto slot. Could you check and see how it looks? This method of sharing might be just what we need!

Gregf, that didn’t work. I tried both before I “followed” you and after. I’ll go look under Esperanto and see if I see anything that way.

. . . Nope, I saw nothing there. That is, providing that the library sort is working correctly and I’m using it correctly.

Perhaps TroisRoyaumes will tell us more.

yes. but not absolutely sure about beta languages.

Thanks, TroisRoyaumes. We’re giving it a try.

try sharing something in a supported language and see if you are doing it right. it works for many.

Thanks; TroisRoyaumes. We’ll give that a shot.

gregf, let’s coordinate by using the wall. Are we both using Latin? Or French. This may not be working because I’m a non-paying “member” nowadays, too.

Ernie, ah that might be the problem. With a non-paying account you can only import 5 lessons, is that correct? Perhaps that’s why you can’t open the course. (Which is in the Esperanto slot.) I’ll try sharing an individual lesson with you, rather than the whole course.

That may be it, as we say. However, I am pretty sure all my lessons were cleared out when I became a “free” member. I had several dozen imports and did not want to remove them 1 by 1, so I asked the LingQ support staff to do it, which they said they did (and I managed to drop my subscription, thereafter). So I should have none. I was thinking it might be a “privilege” I no longer have, being a free(loading) member.

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. . . I am still unable to see your latest, Login - LingQ . Perhaps someone else can?