Looking for a vocabulary books for my 11 years old daughter!

Hello mate,

I am newbie here. I just signed up few minutes. I am looking for a decent vocabulary books for my 11 years old daughter. Which one would be most better?


Which language? I don’t know about any such books but if you want an answer then you must say which language.

What language is she learning? Let us know so we could help.

English. She is much more interested to get a decent English vocabulary book.

Actually I am not looking for a free but paid one is no problem for me. If you have any please let me know. Thanks!

Ok so I’d reacommend this book and the series if you like they’re very educative and your daughter will improve her English so much. https://www.amazon.com/Tell-ME-How-Hundreds-Questions/dp/0753704420 Good luck!

Thanks to all of you guys. I am much glad to get your suggestion. However, I also found something while surfing through the internet. I search on Amazon for a good vocabulary English books. Though I got a big list of books but all are good. Few of them are really helpful for the kids https://www.amazon.co.uk/11-Vocabulary-Cartoons-Mason/dp/1539364119/ref=sr_1_24?ie=UTF8&qid=1498208909&sr=8-24&keywords=11+plus+vocabulary

This has impressed me a lot. So, I would like to buy this one. What do you think?

Yeah it looks good -never read it- but it’s fun I guess. Also check this link out it’ll help you Books for Kids: Vocabulary Books