Looking for a tutor in Slovenian

Hi, I’ve been doing Slovenian for a few months, and I see there is nobody available as a tutor yet. I would like to start dabbling with speaking, because I’d like to take the A2 exam next month. I write this just in case some slovenian mothertongue reads it and feels like becoming a tutor. I’d like to have 2 or 3 conversations a week for a month.
Hvala že zdaj, Massimo


Have you tried italki?

There are 7 tutors on italki.

There is a facebook group for Slovenien Language.

Oh, thanks. I loathe Facebook and I think I’ll never use it anymore, but I’ll try Italki, which I never investigated about. My choice of being minimalist with technology simplifies my life, but sometimes I miss a chance here and there: for example, I regret I didn’t discover LingQ 10 years sooner than I did. :pensive:

Why are you learning Slovenien? There is also a product called Strokes Easy Learning Slovenien (many other languages too) I have it for a few languages. It´s alright.

Because I’m a madman with a passion for languages! :upside_down_face:

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