Looking for a Spanish news with audio and transcript


I am looking for a website that provide audio and transcript of news in Spanish. I don’t care if it’s from Spain or Latin America. The only things I found were video and transcript and those aren’t that great to import to Lingq.

Thank you.

Radio Praga is good BUT the news is mostly related to the Czech Republic. Yes, this is in Spanish.

Thank you, it will do till I find something else but I am pretty sure I will find an article per day that suit my interest. Thank again.

You’re welcome. I first started using Radio Praga after discovering some lessons that had been posted on LingQ from Un Poco de Sol.

Where have you found the video and transcript sources from?

Noticias de la República Checa | Radio Prague International is for the news audio + transcript. If you want video and text, just doa google search, there is plenty of option.