Looking for a serious partners!

did everyone suffer from the lack of seriousness partners? I do, and that sucks so hard, especially when you realize the fact that if you can’t practice your targeted language regularly, by speaking at least 2 times a week- you’re not on the track of being fluent.

I’m still looking for a serious partners, and for those how are looking as well, that’s my info:

Standard Arabic: fluent
English: intermediate 2
french : intermediate
26 year old
skype id: savoirsearch

'tis a shame you don’t have Spanish on your list mate.I would love to find a ‘serious’ language learning partner. But I have a feeling I will be soon considered anathema, or even persona non grata if I keep complaining :wink:

I dared to ask a question, a couple of months back, and I think I sinned a most grievous sin against the LinqQ community. :-/

You see, I had the audacity to ask a question related to grammar. Dios mio! A transgression of biblical proportions :slight_smile: Well, it seemed so from the responses given :slight_smile:

I received three asinine replies, two of which were indirect, but still seemed aimed at yours truly… Needless to say, my questions went unanswered. I have recently made two other posts with questions regarding what might be questionable grammar in one of my Spanish courses. I have no replies thus far. I do come off as sounding a little defensive in my posts, but I feel justified with my preemptive comments, which is just an attempt to dissuade any anti grammar nazis from saying,

"who needs grammar? Just listen, learn, absorb and zen man. You will speaking your language of choice in no time and without all the silly grammar lessons.”

The things that make me go hmm.

My question/s might be construed as naive or down-right silly to the more advanced language learner, but I don’t see how one can avoid the need to ask and learn about some grammar rules.
As I have stated in one of my posts, it’s ironic to be ignored for asking about grammar on a language learning site. :slight_smile:

I do enjoy LingQ though. I can see the potential for it to one day be competing with the major language learning courses out there. And there seem to be a lot of nice people in the community. I’ve watched Steve K’s Youtube videos and he’s sounds like a down to earth bloke. Have you ever seen Steve’s arch nemesis on YouTube? He has made several videos just blasting Steve and LingQ. He’s says he’s a field linguist, as if that validates him as the only source for true an accurate language learning. He’s the kind of American that you see from time to time touring other countries; that is to say, loud, aggressive, obnoxious and always right. Any other American reading in, don’t worry, I’m an Aussie who lives in the States, I know this fella is not representative of the broader population :slight_smile:

If you want to practise English mte, I would be more than happy to talk with . Just let me know via IM or respond to this post and we can chat via Skype



I studied French for some time but not enough for holding a conversation beyond the basics. I am right now only focusing in Swedish but I think that by the end of the year I will change back to French. Due to my knowledge in the language and that I speak both Portuguese and English, I believe that I can make a lot of progress quickly.
Anyway, if you still want a partner by then, I would love to.
Good luck