Looking For a New English Podcast?

Check out The Distance, a podcast by Basecamp about longevity in business, featuring the stories of businesses that have endured for at least 25 years and the people who got them there: Login - LingQ


Hey, you are thinking to add the news one that will be coming? I notice that they debuted a new one few days ago.

Hey augustoaep, we will get the newest shows up today :slight_smile:

Hey, how are you?

Have more 5 podcasts with transcripts on the “The Distance” website, you can add on the lingq? I already did all of they that have on the LingQ :slight_smile:

PS: I know that I could add on my own imports, but to be organized and for the other ones, I think is better you add.


Sounds good. We will get those added!

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Hi augustoaep,
New podcasts episodes are now on LingQ. Enjoy!