Looking for a native speaker

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Wow! I didn’t understand a word of the Russian parts, but those are some awesome videos. Very well done!

" we need a native speaker to help us with proper grammar before we publish a video"

So you are looking for a native speaker to just make sure your English text is written correctly?

By submitting the English text at LingQ for correction and selecting a tutor you should get it back within 48 hours.

I looked at your YouTube channel linked above in your original message. Great work! I agree with “kcb” who responded to your forum post here. The videos, on average are longer than 10 minutes. Surely you want help proof-reading the English text BEFORE you publish a video, or even film it I suppose.

In this video Фразовые глаголы. Часть 2 - YouTube the word “may” that occurs at approximately 0:38 seems out of place. What is heard is an elongated high register syllable. If indeed the syllable is "may· then it would be someones name, “May” or “Mae” but the word “may” makes no sense in the context of the song at that point.

Continued success!

Best wishes,
Nia. :slight_smile: