Looking for a learning mate/ mates

Hello there.
I am on a beginner level in Italian and I am quite advanced in English. I am looking for someone to be in touch on a regular basis to motivate each other and share experience, thoughts.
I love competition and I used to have a mate who was learning as well. Unfortunately, he isn’t learning anymore and now I am all by myself. I love learning but when there’s someone who’s “watching” then there is even more motivation and power to do things.
It’s always great to have friends to do things together. I don’t have any friends on LingQ yet and by this post I am smoothly saying I am looking for some :slight_smile:


I’d love to keep in touch, I am quite new to this site and have being eager from quite some time to learn many languages.
I have also a intermediate French level and I like competition as well but now I have an unfair advantage that is I am in holidays so I can study the whole day and is what I do. Now I am studying for at least 7 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Anyway, I will be traveling to Sweden for about 2-3 months beginning in May. I have being learning Swedish since 2 weeks and I want to come back speaking intermediate Swedish and by the end of the year advanced. Thus what I said that I like challenges but sometimes I wonder if this is too much.

I love the idea of having a language partner! If anyone is studying German or Romanian these days, and interested in becoming my language partner, please comment on this post!

Nice to have that much time for yourself. It’s great you are spending it productively!
Even though I have much less time, I still think we could pull this off. It isn’t about winning but about the competition and motivation to take action. It’s easier to push yourself in the evening to do some reading/ listening if you know you got a buddy who’s watching you.

I wasn’t directing only people who are learning Italian. I think even people learning different languages can support each other. I managed to do that with a friend of mine and it worked out well.

You look a bit scary.

That amount of time that I have won’t last for long, in Sweden I will be using wwoof (working in farm in exchange for food and shelter) so I will be like a normal person in regard of free time. In august I will be back to my Engineering course but I would like to still take about 20 hours a week if possible to languages.
This is true about supporting each other, I would be fairly advanced in French or even fluent by now I hadn’t stop.
And how was your partnership, did you tell each other weekly about the progress?

Something like that. We would message each other a few times a week.

How come? :stuck_out_tongue: