Looking for a German News Channel on Youtube

I think watching a German movie won’t work for me. However, I believe I can watch German news channel for 30 mins per day which can help me with my German language skills.
So, can you guys recommend me some Good German News channels on YouTube or free website maybe?

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With Langsam DW they do a recap every day, they have text+audio and it is an intermediate level. https://learngerman.dw.com/de/langsam-gesprochene-nachrichten/s-60040332

DW have also the DW Deutsch Youtube channel, and the DW International News Youtube channel.
They have the website as well in several languages.


Once you watch one or two of any channel, YT will feed you more suggestions.

See if this interests you. Bayerischer Rundfunk:


Or DW Deutsch:



My favorite website, especially through late beginner and intermediate is Nachrichtenleicht Startseite

I’ve even gone back to going through these articles in my “advanced” stage for additional “easy” reading. I also figured it would help reinforce vocabulary I could use for output when talking about “current events”. The website doesn’t update every day, but maybe once or twice a week there are new articles.

You can import the articles with the LingQ Extension, and there is audio on each article that you can download and then upload to the imported lesson.

On youtube I generally just watch Tageschau (20:00 Uhr). It is 15 minutes long, but they have the longer updates as well.

(1) tagesschau - YouTube

This one is obviously advanced so may or may not be useful to you depending on your level.

On a more humor based level there is:

(1) ZDF heute-show - YouTube

Similar to the Daily Show in America. It looks at various news events but throws some humor, sarcasm, etc. into the mix.