Looking for a friend and English practice on Skype

Hi everyone. I need some online friends to talk in English. I am almost at advanced level but I still need some practice. Native friends would be better for me! Also I can teach you Turkish if you need it :D. We can be friends and may be one day we can truly meet :smiley: Write your skype ID down. We can make programs. decide topics to talk. Seriously :smiley: See you! :slight_smile:

I am also looking for someone to speak in English. I am not a native speaker and I think my level is upper intermediate. What I have to do is to improve my vocabulary and my speakind and listening skills. Would you like to speak to me?
I am from Spain so I can also teach you Spanish if you want.
Looking forward to receiving your message on Skype.
My ID is: joseba.lopetegui.

What are your active hours bro I contacted u on Skype!