Long youtube videos - only 1 lesson imported

Long youtube videos are cut. Only a single lesson is created without including the whole text in the video.
Is there a work around?

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Hello, dav009.

Could you share which video your attempting to import, and which language are you importing it too? I can see what it does for me. Please note, videos longer than 90 minutes cannot be imported yet.

If the first lesson looks alright but it’s cut off, the system may still be working on generating the other lessons. It does take time for longer videos.

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It could be one of several things:

  1. The YouTube video did not actually have subtitles for the whole video
  2. As @kirsnd mentioned, due to the way the system is set up, the first lesson appears immediately and the later lessons sometimes take several minutes or longer to appear. All videos are cut for performance reasons.
  3. There is actually a bug, where the later parts will never occur. [Bug] Lingq Importer Fails To Import Some Youtube Videos ...
    The way around it is to import it again. Though, I consider importing longer YouTube videos to essentially be too buggy to not be worth the frustration. There is also a bug, where the first lesson does not correctly cut/trim its audio in the right place. [Bug] Several Bugs - Language Forum @ LingQ

My recommendation is to NOT import any long YouTube videos. I consider it an unusable function, due to the sheer number of bugs. Only import shorter YouTube videos, which do not require a split (<15 minutes generally).


What browser/extension are you using? Can you check and make sure that you have the latest extension version installed?

Hi Krisnd,

Indeed is the case that it takes a while for other lessons to pop up.
Thanks for the support on this issue

thanks for your suggestions nfera