Login from a new Android device 1st time reset my days progress to 0

Please correct my account:

Login from a new Android device 1st time reset my days progress to 0

My phone had to be replaced and when I used LingQ for the first time on the new device today, it reset my LingQs for the day back to 0.

Since I had already completed over 100 LingQs for today and it’s a pretty long streak it’s very irritating.

Can you please correct this and fix the bug?

You are probably losing business when new members or those on short term (monthly) run into one of the large number of bugs in the apps and web site.

When you drop someone’s progress they are quite likely to just stop doing LingQ (game mechanics are part of the value of LingQ to “keep us playing”).

I’ve recommended LingQ to many people but been embarrassed when they find out how buggy and poorly designed the interfaces are.

If LingQ were not such a darn good idea and such a valuable tool despite all the glitches I would never have given it much more attention nor bought a year’s subscription.

Hi Herb,
That’s strange. Are you sure that you were logged into the same account and had correct study language selected on it when you accessed LingQ on a new device?
I checked your account and it seems fine. You have 181 LingQs created yesterday. Today you have 10 LingQs created at the moment. Does that sound like correct number?

I had a problem last year where logging in to the LingQ app kept resetting my time zone which, depending on what time of day I created the LingQs, caused me to lose my streak. I haven’t had this problem in over a year though so I thought it was fixed, but try checking your time zone in the settings first.

Time zone had by 8am Central US (CDT) been reset to UTC, so that accounts for the “end of day” moving.

I’ve put it back to Central. US (* more on that below) and this seems to have fixed the “end of day” problem (had to force stop the LingQ andoid app on new phone before it corrected.)

I may be ok (personally) at this point. My streak number looks correct though it’s possible I lost 1-day in the count (not sure and it’s not important.)

Also: LingQ (looking at Web interface) had “decided” that I was also learning English (my native language).

On the new Android device it seemed to think I was learn Chinese (or know it) also. In the “Hints” section it shows French, English, & Chinese and I couldn’t find a way to remove any languages. They are radio buttons so you cannot “uncheck” them, and checking on of the others seems to just change the order in a somewhere unpredictable fashion. (There is probably some pattern there, I just didn’t discover it in 5 minutes or so of trying combinations.)

Other minor issues that you might find interesting:

User interface: Although I like the time zone choice format fairly well, your selection is different in that it lists all of the “areas” like US or Europe, differently from practically every other time zone selector in other software: they list all the “same time” together, placing US Central adjacent to time zones that are on the same hour in South America. Again, yours might have been a better choice if the rest of the world did that.

It would really benefit LingQ to have the entire user interface “audited” and tested thoroughly – there are so many tiny errors and poor usuability issues that really need fixing.

The problem with this stuff is that experienced users just adapt to working around the problems or ignore the minor features that don’t work properly, while beginners either think it is their own fault or just give up and stop using the software.

Doesn’t it seem odd there are two “profile” areas in LingQ? One on the web secondary tabs (Forum, Challenges, Writing Exchange, My Profile) and the other as a subsection of the Users “Icon” (which really should lead to THE Profile, though it has “Profile” as a subarea to distinguish it from “settings” or “languages”.

Two levels of “Tabs” are confusing enough.

Finding various things remains a challenge for anyone who hasn’t memorized the user interface.

Even finding the item you are CURRENTLY reading is difficult (at first) in the Android app since reading a section of a book doesn’t put THAT section in the Lessons list at the top, but leaves the previous section or whatever was last read there UNTIL you switch away (e.g., main tab at bottom) and back (or restart) to reset it.

No “current LingQ” count appears on the current reading selection – that would eliminate the need to switch to another (web) tab or exit the current selection to see the updated count while reading.

While there are a number of outright bugs that need fixing these minor incongruences throughout the user interface of both the Android and the Web version (also the Pad version of Android is different from the Phone version in many ways) make using LingQ far more distracting or even difficult than it needs to be.

One of LingQ’s strengths is that it removes much of the tediousness from “reading” with dictionary support, and also automates the collection of vocabulary etc without interfering as much as switching apps or using “pen and paper” would when reading normally (e.g., paper book).

This idea of streamlining is important and points up the reason it’s important not to have the interface making the reader’s tasks harder than they need to be.

Just regarding the time zone issue:

I reported this issue at least a year ago but I guess it’s not common enough to have been addressed yet.

From what I discovered, you just need to watch out when you sign in from a new device. That seems to trigger a reset of the time zone for your account for some reason. It was an issue for me because I kept logging in on my work computer which, because of the way it was networked I guess, was treated as a new device each time and my time zone was being reset several times a week, which really screwed up my streaks. I eventually gave up caring about streaks but since I haven’t been logging in at work for a long time, it is no longer an issue.

TL;DR: It seems the time zone is reset every time you log in from a new device.

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