Logging problem

Hi, I have a problem about using the LingQ app on my iphone. My account can’t login in on the iphone. l live in mainland of China and I use VPN to get to the LingQ website. Could you please help me solve this problem.

What exactly happens when you try to login on the phone?

The problem seems to be solved. I can login on my phone using my Email account now. Thanks!

I just login on my iphone again and my account can’t login again…

This photo shows what the problem is, login error on the phone. But my account and password can be used on the website through computer.

Are you saying that you were able to login for a while but then it stopped working again?

Yes,yesterday I was able to login for about 30 minutes and it stopped working again. I should also tell you that I tried many times before and yesterday was the only chance to login seccessfully on the phone. So it is very confusing…

Please reach us at support@lingq.com and we will look into this for you. Thanks.